Culture Days – October 1st, 2016

Posted on September 30, 2016

Music Can Heal

a non-profit organization that inspires healing and wellness through live music! Our roster features award-winning musicians and genres from all corners of the globe!

11 am to 12         More Love / Love More with Asher Ettinger!

Fun, interactive workshop where you colour to music! Enjoy the art that unfolds as you create to ‘Love’- themed musical compositions playing in the background! No experience necessary!


12 pm to 1          Scat Singing Workshop with Ori Dagan!

Join Canada’s Next Top Crooner, Ori Dagan, for this fun and easy scat singing workshop. No experience necessary! Bring your voice and enthusiasm!


1 pm to 2            Global Song Circle with Kristin Lindell

A global heartbeat song circle. Kristin’s blend of soulful bluesy folk and harmonies will uplift you and those passing by. No experience necessary! Bring your voice and an open heart.


2 pm to 3            Rhythm as Culture: Dalcroze Eurythmics

In this multi-aged workshop, participants are invited into the joyous world of music making through invigorating combinations of singing, moving, improvising, and musical games.



Dundas-Watkinson Parkette Complete!

Posted on September 30, 2016

Improvements to the Parkette include:

1.) Enhanced playground that is 100% CSA Playground Standards compliant.

2.) Upgraded chess table/ seating area with new unit pavers and timber edging.

3.) New planting beds.

4.) Upgraded drinking fountain that is barrier free accessible.

5.) New plaques (artwork provided by members of the ‘Friends of Watkinson Park Group’).

6.) New benches.

7.) New plaza seating area with table.


dundas-watkinson_160928-3 dundas-watkinson_160928-6 dundas-watkinson_160928-7 dundas-watkinson_160928-12

Save the Date: TSNS 2020 South District Summit, Thursday October 6th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Posted on September 30, 2016

Hello Everyone:

Please mark your calendar for Thursday October 6th, 6:00pm to 8:00pm, for TSNS 2020 South District Summit, which will be held at Regent Park Community Centre, Banquet Hall.

The purpose of the Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 District Summit series is to engage, inform, build collaboration and offer networking opportunities among residents, community stakeholders and City and other institutional staff involved in local, regional and City-wide initiatives. Please see the attached flyer.

The event will highlight the work that is happening in the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas in South Parkdale, Regent Park, Taylor Massey & Oakridge, and will also feature displays and information about other City-wide initiatives that are underway.

More information and registration details can be found via the link:

Click here for PDF: tsns-2020-district-summit-flyer-4-dates


Liberty New Street, Class Environmental Assessment, Notice of Completion

Posted on September 30, 2016



The City of Toronto has completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) that has recommended the construction of a new east-west road extending between Dufferin Street and Strachan Avenue in Liberty Village. The new road would be located on the north side of the GO Transit Lake Shore West rail corridor.

Following consultation with the public, adjacent property owners, government agencies and Aboriginal communities, City Council has endorsed the preferred design identified in the EA, which consists of the following:

  • a new road with two traffic lanes (one in each direction)
  • a multi-use path for cyclists and pedestrians on the south side of the road
  • a sidewalk on the north side of the road
  • landscaping and civic improvements, including south-facing lookouts, where possible
  • two-way connections at all intersecting north-south streets, except for Strachan Avenue, which would be restricted to right-in right-out movements

Construction of the new road is subject to available funding. Potential implementation of the new road could follow a phased approach.

Currently there is no schedule for construction.

Opportunities for Review

The study was carried out following the requirements for “Schedule C” projects under the Municipal Class EA process. An Environmental Study Report (ESR) has been prepared and has been placed on the public record for a 30-day review period starting September 29, 2016 and ending on October 28, 2016.

The ESR is available for review online at . For assistance in reviewing this file, please phone Jason Diceman 416-338-2830.

The ESR is available for review in print at Toronto Public Library branches, as follows:

  • City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 100 Queen St. W., 416-392-8016
  • Fort York, 190 Fort York Blvd, 416-393-6240
  • Parkdale, 1303 Queen St. W., 416-393-7686

If you have any outstanding concerns with the project, City staff would be pleased to discuss them further. Please contact City staff listed below.

Jason Diceman

City of Toronto – Public Consultation Unit Metro Hall, 19th Fl., 55 John St., Toronto, ON M5V 3C6
Tel: 416-338-2830
Fax: 416-392-2974
TTY: 416-338-0889

If concerns regarding the project cannot be resolved in discussion with the City of Toronto, a person or party may request that the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change make an order for the project to comply with Part II of the Environmental Assessment Act (referred to as a Part II Order), which addresses Individual Environmental Assessments.

Written requests must be sent to:

The Honourable Glen Murray
Minister of the Environment & Climate Change
77 Wellesley St. W., Ferguson Block, 11th Fl., Toronto, ON M7A 2T5


Ministry of the Environment & Climate Change Environmental Approvals Branch
135 St. Clair Ave. W., 1st Fl., Toronto, ON M4V 1P5

If no requests are received by October 28, 2016, the City may proceed to construct the new road as outlined in the ESR at such time as available funding has been secured.

Don’t hesitate to contact me or one of my staff should you require further information.


Councillor Gord Perks
Ward 14, Parkdale High-Park
100 Queen Street West, Suite A14
Toronto, ON M5H 2N2
(t) 416-392-7919
(f) 416-392-0398
twitter: @gordperks
Facebook: @GordPerks

Agenda Available – Toronto and East York Community Council – October 13, 2016

Posted on September 30, 2016

The following agenda is available online.

Toronto and East York Community Council

Meeting 19
Thursday, October 13, 2016 9:30 AM
Committee Room 1, City Hall



Ward 14 item:

TE19.57 – Stop Control – Prince Rupert Avenue and Chelsea Avenue  (Ward 14)

All other items:

TE19.1 – Naming of Public Lane Located West of Yonge Street, Between Macpherson Avenue and Roxborough Street West  (Ward 27)

TE19.2 – Final Report – 250 Davenport Road – Zoning Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion Applications – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 20)

TE19.3 – Final Report – 131 Farnham Avenue – Official Plan Amendment – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 22)

TE19.4 – Final Report – 377 Spadina Road and 17 Montclair Avenue – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 22)

TE19.5 – Final Report – 175-191 Dundas Street East and 235 Jarvis Street – Site Plan Control Application  (Ward 27)

TE19.6 – Final Report – 141 Bay Street – Zoning Amendment Application – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 28)

TE19.7 – Final Report – 301-317 Queen Street East – Official Plan and Zoning Amendment Application – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 28)

TE19.8 – Final Report – 77 River Street and 7 Labatt Avenue – Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications  (Ward 28)

TE19.9 – Final Report – 96-104 Coxwell Avenue – Zoning Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition Applications  (Ward 32)

TE19.10 – Final Report – 1030 Danforth Avenue – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 32)

TE19.11 – Request for Direction Report – 263-267 Adelaide Street West – Zoning Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition Applications  (Ward 20)

TE19.12 – Request for Direction Report – 33-45 Avenue Road and 140-148 Yorkville Avenue – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 27)

TE19.13 – Refusal Report – 8 Elm Street – Zoning By-law Amendment  (Ward 27)

TE19.14 – Alterations to a Designated Heritage Property and Authority to Amend a Heritage Easement Agreement – 100 Queen’s Park  (Ward 20)

TE19.15 – Inclusion on the City of Toronto’s Heritage Register – 29 and 33 Sussex Avenue  (Ward 20)

TE19.16 – Heritage Evaluation – 51A, 53, 53A, 63, 65, 67 Mutual Street  (Ward 27)

TE19.17 – Alteration to a Designated Heritage Property within the Cabbagetown South Heritage Conservation District – 311 Sumach Street  (Ward 28)

TE19.18 – Intention to Designate Under Part IV, Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act – 78 and 90 Ontario Street, 245 Queen Street East and 384 and 410 Richmond Street East Properties  (Ward 28)

TE19.19 – Residential Demolition Application – 18 Wells Hill Avenue – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 21)

TE19.20 – Application for Fence Exemption – 254 Beatrice Street  (Ward 19)

TE19.21 – Refusal of an Application for a Boulevard Cafe Permit Located on the Commercial Frontage of 859 Queen Street West  (Ward 19)

TE19.22 – Request Received to Impose Operating Conditions to a Boulevard Cafe Permit Located at 419 Yonge Street, Unit 106  (Ward 27)

TE19.23 – Front Yard Parking Appeal – 48 Duggan Avenue  (Ward 22)

TE19.24 – Front Yard Parking Appeal – 50 Duggan Avenue  (Ward 22)

TE19.25 – Front Yard Parking Appeal – 252 Glenrose Avenue  (Ward 27)

TE19.26 – Front Yard Parking Appeal – 6 Four Oaks Gate  (Ward 29)

TE19.27 – Application to Remove a Private Tree – 22 Helena Avenue  (Ward 21)

TE19.28 – Application to Remove a Private Tree – 116 Beech Avenue  (Ward 32)

TE19.29 – Appointments to Business Improvement Area Boards of Management  (Ward 19, 20, 22, 27, 28, 30, 32)

TE19.30 – Proposed Official Naming of Future Park at 5-24 Wellesley Street West and 14-26 Breadalbane Street  (Ward 27)

TE19.31 – Proposed Official Naming of Linear Park at 81 Regent Park Boulevard, Ward 28  (Ward 28)

TE19.32 – Designation of Fire Routes and Amendment to Chapter 880 – Fire Routes – 4K Spadina Avenue  (Ward 20)

TE19.33 – Preliminary Report – 698, 700, 702, 704 and 706 Spadina Avenue and 54 Sussex Avenue – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 20)

TE19.34 – Preliminary Report – 485-489 Wellington Street West – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 20)

TE19.35 – Preliminary Report – 859-861 and 875 Eglinton Avenue West – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 21)

TE19.36 – Preliminary Report – 5, 7 and 9 Dale Avenue – Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications  (Ward 27)

TE19.37 – Preliminary Report – 203 Jarvis Street – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 27)

TE19.38 – Preliminary Report – 88 Queen Street East, 10 Mutual Street and parts of 30-50 Mutual Street – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 27)

TE19.39 – Preliminary Report – 79-85 Shuter Street – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 27)

TE19.40 – Preliminary Report – 55 to 95 Lake Shore Boulevard East, 33-53 Freeland Street and 2 and 15 Cooper Street – Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 28)

TE19.41 – Preliminary Report – 355-363 Coxwell Avenue – Zoning Amendment Application  (Ward 32)

TE19.42 – Construction Staging Area – 90 Niagara Street  (Ward 19)

TE19.43 – Construction Staging Area – Blue Jays/Mercer Street  (Ward 20)

TE19.44 – Construction Staging Area – 175-191 Dundas Street East  (Ward 27)

TE19.45 – Construction Staging Area – Roxborough Street East  (Ward 27)

TE19.46 – Installation/Removal of On-Street Accessible Parking Spaces – October 2016 (Delegated)  (Ward 19, 28, 30, 31, 32)

TE19.47 – Installation of On-Street Accessible Parking Space – October 2016 (Non-Delegated)  (Ward 30)

TE19.48 – Parking Amendments – Havelock Street  (Ward 18)

TE19.49 – Parking Amendments – Margueretta Street  (Ward 18)

TE19.50 – Parking Amendments – Ruskin Avenue  (Ward 18)

TE19.51 – Parking Amendments – Western Battery Road  (Ward 19)

TE19.52 – Parking Amendments – Nelson Street  (Ward 20)

TE19.53 – Parking Amendments – King Street East  (Ward 28)

TE19.54 – Parking Amendments – Regent Street and Shuter Street  (Ward 28)

TE19.55 – Parking Amendments – Browning Avenue – Notice of Pending Report  (Ward 29)

TE19.56 – Proposed Parking Amendments – Dibble Street  (Ward 30)

TE19.58 – Left-Turn Prohibitions – Carlaw Avenue and Eastern Avenue  (Ward 30)

TE19.59 – Pedestrian Traffic Control Signals and Turn Prohibition – Danforth Avenue, West of Broadview Avenue  (Ward 30)

TE19.60 – Speed Limit – Macpherson Avenue  (Ward 21)

TE19.61 – Pilot Project Requested – Foxbar Road  (Ward 22)

TE19.62 – Toronto East End Streetcar Routes – Extended Peak Period Regulations  (Ward 28, 30, 32)

TE19.63 – Realignment of Permit Parking Area “9A” to Exclude 2301 and 2015 Danforth Avenue  (Ward 31)

TE19.64 – Amendment to Permit Parking Regulation – West Lynn Avenue  (Ward 32)

TE19.65 – Implementing Permit Parking on Western Battery Road, Between Pirandello Street and Lynn Williams Street  (Ward 19)

TE19.66 – Laneway Names for Ward 21  (Ward 21)

TE19.67 – Nominations for Appointment to the Board of Management of The 519 Church Street Community Centre  (Ward 27)

TE19.68 – Endorsement of Events for Liquor Licensing Purposes




The City is conducting a review on dog behaviour and responsible dog ownership

Posted on September 30, 2016


The City of Toronto is reviewing the bylaws related to animals to effectively balance, manage and address dog behaviour, owner responsibilities and public safety in the City of Toronto.


The results of this survey will be summarized and considered as part of the City’s report later this Fall. We have received a positive response from residents who own dogs, but would greatly appreciate any efforts to send this out to your residents who do not own dogs.


Survey is open until October 7, 2016.


Link to survey:

TTC Notice – Curve track replacement at Dundas West Station – September 26 to October 3

Posted on September 23, 2016

TTC Logo
Rail replacement work is planned for Dundas West Station between September 26 to October 3.


To maintain a state of good repair, TTC track staff will be replacing the two curve track sections on Edna Avenue – the track section exiting the station onto Edna and the section exiting Edna onto Dundas. The work will take approximately one week and will require closing Edna Avenue to traffic between Dorval and Dundas. Please see further details highlighted below.



Work hours

  • The majority of the heavy construction work will be done during the day time between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  • To ensure that streetcar service can resume regular service on Monday, October 3, the portion of work involving new rail installation will be conducted around-the-clock.


Traffic restrictions (12:01 a.m. on September 26 to 5 a.m. on October 3)

To establish a safe work zone, the following restrictions will be in place for the duration of the track project.


  • Edna Avenue will be closed to vehicular traffic between Dundas Street West and the streetcar exit from the station.
  • Edna Avenue will be closed at Dorval Road with local traffic access only.
  • Access to the laneway at the north side of Edna Avenue near Dundas Street will be restricted. Please access this laneway from other access points (on Edna Avenue and on Chelsea Avenue).
  • Dundas Street West will be reduced to one lane in each direction through the work zone at Edna Avenue.


Transit service changes (12:01 a.m. on September 26 to 5 a.m. on October 3)

To accommodate the rail replacement work, streetcars will be temporarily replaced by buses.


  • 504/304 King streetcars will turn back eastbound at TTC’s Roncesvalles Yard at Queen/Roncesvalles.
  • 505 Dundas streetcars will be extended to High Park Loop via Howard Park Avenue.
  • 504/304 King shuttle buses will operate on Roncesvalles Avenue between the Dundas West Station and King/Queen area, looping via east on King Street, north on Jameson Avenue, west on Queen Street and returning north on Roncesvalles to the Dundas West Station.
  • While TTC does not have plans to divert buses on local streets when leaving the Dundas West Station, there may be intermittent periods during the project that it may be unavoidable. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this instance.


High Park Stewards session – September 25

Posted on September 23, 2016

High Park Stewards Banner
High Park Seed Collecting

Sunday, September 25, 2016, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Grenadier Restaurant, Colborne Lodge Drive and Centre Road, Toronto, ON

We will collect seeds, from the native plant nursery and a restoration site, that will be used in High Park and other parks in the city. A small group may also be working in the Boulevard Beds at the edge of the Grenadier Restaurant.

Meet us in front of the Grenadier Restaurant at 10:30 am, and we will go together to the sites. Please do not wear fleece or other non-smooth clothes that can stick to seeds. All tools will be provided.

For more information:

Public invited to provide input on the licensing of rental and apartment buildings – October 4th deadline

Posted on September 23, 2016

Public invited to provide input on the licensing of rental and apartment buildings

Tenants, property owners, managers and the general public are invited to take a Municipal Licensing and Standards survey and give their input on the proposed licensing of rental apartment buildings. The goal of the proposed licence is to improve living conditions in rental buildings that have three or more storeys and ten or more units, including Toronto Community Housing properties. The survey will help inform the City’s report to the Licensing and Standards Committee in the fall.

Survey information will be collected until Tuesday, October 4, 2016.

Information can be found at


Do you want to make a difference in your city?

Posted on September 21, 2016


Toronto residents are needed to serve on a range of City boards and committees. Board members provide oversight of their agency or corporation, bring a community perspective to board discussions, and help to reflect the needs and interests of Torontonians.

This fall, the City of Toronto will be recruiting for more than 70 public member positions across 20 boards. Bring your skills and experience to the table. To learn more about these opportunities and apply online, visit

Sign up for the public appointments e-updates to receive information about application deadlines, vacancies, and new opportunities to join a City board by visiting:

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