Minutes from 422-430 Roncesvalles and 76 Howard Park community meeting

Posted on January 25, 2016

City Planning are currently reviewing the application. Once their report is completed and public, our office will share with the community.

Application documents available on-line at:

422- 436 Roncesvalles Ave & 76 Howard Park Ave
Community Meeting: January 11, 2016

Following the Presentation from City Planning and Presentation from Developer, the following comments/concerns were shared by community members.

• Building height: Building must support the character of the village
Midrise building is needed, this is taller than what city allows and it does
not respect the Character designation of the street
Townhomes are tall-4 storeys

• Can application be held while Dundas / Roncesvalles Planning Study is underway: no

• Too many units

• Shade-concern with impact of shade a building this size would create

• Privacy-overlook into Hewitt Avenue properties

• Setback-of both building and townhomes are a concern. The City needs to protect neighbourhoods setbacks and green space not shade and wind tunnels. Wind study can be requested.

• Landscape plan: trees

• Traffic flow- concern of cars travelling on Hewitt to exit from lane.- Planning: current application does not show lane continuing through to Hewitt,
TTC will be required to review for comments on streetcar flow, may require a right turn in – right turnout

• Parking units: Concern that the number of vehicles will exceed the spots available (99 units /75 spots) City standards: bike parking, visitor parking, auto share

• Mechanical noise: concern that noise from mechanical will impact on neighbours

• Community amenities: concern with impact of new neighbours, vehicles, dogs on Howard School lands

• Service access: solid waste will review application, city requires that service vehicles not reverse off of the site.

• Mature trees: 5 private trees may be impacted by this application

• There are access issues for properties on Roncesvalles- private issue, however, Planning will need evidence that all outstanding legal issues with neighbours are resolved

• Noise from demolition will continue for 1 ½ to 2 weeks

• There will be a Construction Management Plan to lay out a complaints process and management plan for build once an application is approved.

Community asked if they support application: NO,
if they feel that a few things need to be changed to move forward: NO.
Clear message from community that they do not support the application.

Councillor Perks does not support the application in its current form.

January 2016