Follow-up from Tim Hortons (175 Roncesvalles Ave) based on November 28th community meeting

Posted on December 6, 2013

Tim Hortons has provided follow-up actions based on the community meeting on November 28th regarding 175 Roncesvalles.


The signage depicted at the community meeting on November28th.  The lettering will be reduced from 36″ to 30″ and will be a solid sign with white background halo lighting.

The sign will only be illuminated during hours of operation.


Hours of Operation:

For start-up the hours of operation will be from 6am – 11pm.  These hours will be evaluated over time.



Gaurav and Ashima Vij are committed to exploring beautification options in the spring of 2014.

The future consideration of a patio may also contribute to the beautification of this corner.
Exterior Multi-stream Waste and Recycling Units:

There will be an exterior multi-stream waste and recycling container placed at the exterior of the restaurant to ensure access to proper disposal.  The need for addition containers will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.



Operations and distribution staff are meeting at the site next week to evaluate delivery procedures.  All delivery take place during the hours of 7am and 7pm with parking on Roncesvalles.

Waste and Recycling Collection:

Wasteco will collect waste and recyclables from the curbside daily on Roncesvalles via totes; similar to the waste collection program operated by the City of Toronto.  Waste and recycling will be stored in an indoor garage.

Collection times are to be determined; however a request that collection not take place early in morning or late at night has been made.



The current set-up for the compressor is designed for noise to travel upwards rather than out of the sides.  All of the equipment is up to modern standards and we do not anticipate there will be concerns over noise once the restaurant is in operation.

Restaurant Owner Contact Information:

Gaurav and Ashima Vij
The cell phone number is listed on the storefront

When the restaurant has been assigned a phone number, we will provide that as well.

Our next step will be to schedule a meeting with the community in February.

December 2013