June 27th Metrolinx Meeting

Posted on June 19, 2012

***Reminder: The Meeting is Tomorrow June 27th at 6:30***

Metrolinx Electrification Meeting

“Make sure to come out on Wednesday, June 27th at a Metrolinx Meeting addressing electrification.  Metrolinx has been saying they will start with diesel trains on the Air Rail Link, and then go to electric trains at some point in the future.  That’s not good enough.  We need to make sure that our voices are heard; build it right the first time!”

Date: Wednesday, June 27
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Lithuanian House, 1573 Bloor St West

“It’s time to stand up for our health, and the health of our children and seniors in our community! We have to ask the Provincial government why they will not commit to immediate electrification of the Airport Rail Link.

Despite our legitimate concerns that diesel trains will contribute to air pollution and jeopardize our health, the government is determined to run hundreds of dirty diesel trains through our backyards.

Two years ago, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health urged the government only to proceed with the Union-Pearson Rail Link if it is electrified in order to prevent an increased risk of asthma and cancer for 300, 000 residents.

We need to know why the government continues to ignore this expert advice and put people’s health at risk by insisting on using polluting diesel trains on this line!

The most important thing is to make a smart investment in clean transit and protect the health and safety of Ontarians.”


Last week, the World Health Organization declared the diesel engine exhaust is a level one carcinogen, in the same category as asbestos, arsenic, cigarette smoke and mustard gas, and that it does cause lung cancer in humans. Make sure to come out to the meeting and please write an email to Dalton McGuinty and Minister of Transportation Bob Chiarelli at bchiarelli.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org to let them know you are concerned about running diesel trains in our communities, especially in light of this announcement, and that you want to make them electric.

To learn more about the Clean Train Coalition and how you can get involved please see: http://www.cleantrain.ca/ and http://zeta.srv2.com/~ctc/media/CleanTrainCoalition-TheBetterMove.pdf

Congratulations To Diamond Jubilee Medal Winners

Posted on June 19, 2012



Congratulations to some great Ward 14 and Ward 13 residents who were recognized for their significant contributions and achievements to their community with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.Those honoured include: Gina Csanyi-Robah, Richard Helfrich, Gib Goodfellow, Madeline McDowell, Brother John Frampton, Doug Bennett, Merton Baird, John Richmond, Margo Duncan, Ruth Ruth Stackhouse, Bhutila Karpoche, Francine Dick, Ellen Moorhouse, Ann Lockheart.


As well, Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri Di Novo honoured volunteers from the Ward 13/14 community including: Richard Helfrich, Jack Fava, Helene Murray, Swansea Horticultural Society, Michael Freeman, Earl Antler, Diane Buckell, Veronica Feihl, and Andrew Chomentowski.  New Businesses Honoured included: Izzy Camilleri Adaptive Clothing, Green Light District, Wibke’s Espresso Bar.


Congratulations to all the winners who add so much to our west end community!


PARC and Making Room Community Art Event

Posted on June 19, 2012



“Join the Adventure” is a Making Room Community Art event, in collaboration with PARC (Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre), will be having a boat launch and pageant on June 23rd, 4:30pm. The event will begin at  Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre (PARC) at 1499 Queen St. W. and will be walking down Dowling Avenue (crossing at the new signalized pedestrian intersection at Dowling Avenue and Lakeshore Blvd!).
There is still time to join the artists, community and PARC members who have come together over the last several weeks to prepare for the boat launch and pageant.  Ongoing workshops will be held at PARC:

Monday at 2:30 in the Drop-In
canoe building with Ian Devenney

Tuesdays and Wednesday at 1:00 in the Healing Room
special art-making session

Friday at 2:00 in the Drop-In
Making Room, Making Art


For a copy of the event poster please see: makingroom PARC event poster

To learn more about making room see: http://making-room.org/ and about PARC at: http://parc.on.ca/


As well, inside toronto has a great article on the event at:  http://www.insidetoronto.com/news/local/article/1378217–art-group-launches-raft-during-during-parkdale-pageant-and-boat-launch-june-23


24-66 Howard Park Ave. Proposed Development Update

Posted on June 19, 2012



I wanted to send out an update regarding the proposed development at 24-66 Howard Park Ave.

Please find attached a .pdf file ( Working Group Results ) outlining where we began in the working group process and where we ended up finding agreement. This document was asked for by the working group after the conclusion of the three meetings to show the community the progress which had been made and the planning consultant has put the document together.

Speaking with the City planner on the file Dan Nicholson, it is possible his final report could come to TEYCC in September, but it is more likely that is will go in October or November and he hopes that the site plan will be wrapped up in the early new year. He also wanted to remind everyone that demolition and pre-construction activities such as grading and site remediation could start anytime (much like developers can legally start selling units prior to an approved site plan); Toronto Buildings has also shown a willingness to issue shoring and excavation permits in advance of site plan approval.

If you have further questions of comments please contact my office.

Toronto Heat Alert And How To Beat The Heat

Posted on June 19, 2012



Dr. David McKeown, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, has issued a Heat Alert for Toronto today, June 19th, 2012. The Heat Alert will be in effect until further notice.
During a Heat Alert, the public is encouraged to call or visit family, friends and neighbours, especially isolated adults and seniors who are at greater risk of suffering from heat-related illness, to make sure they are cool and drinking plenty of fluids. Other groups at risk include people with chronic illnesses, limited mobility and with certain mental health illnesses, infants and young children, people on certain medications and those who are homeless.
The public is advised to “Beat the Heat”by taking these precautions:

• Drink lots of cool water even before you feel thirsty

• Go to air conditioned places, including shopping malls or one of many local libraries or community centres located in each neighbourhood

• Take cool showers or baths or use cool wet towels to cool down• Wear loose light coloured breathable clothing and when outdoors wear a wide-brimmed hat

• Avoid the sun and stay in the shade or use an umbrella • Reschedule or plan outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day

• Never leave seniors, children or pets unattended in a car.

For more tips on how to beat the heat please see: Beat The Heat (information is available in 20 languages)

Landlords of buildings without air conditioning are encouraged to provide a dedicated cooling room for residents to escape the heat. Community agencies are encouraged to educate clients on the risks of heat-related illness and to call or check those clients at increased risk of heat-related illness during alerts.
When an alert is declared, those who need assistance or have heat-related inquiries may call 311.
Often high air pollution occurs during hot weather conditions. People with heart and lung conditions, seniors and children should pay special attention to the hourly Air Quality Health Index levels and forecasts available at http://www.airhealth.ca


The City of Toronto also has an interactive map of air conditioned Public Places and Cooling Centres at: Air Conditioned Public Places & Cooling Centres Map

A list of air conditioned public spaces for the entire South Region (including Ward 14) can be seen: List of Air Conditioned Public Spaces South Region


Cooling Centres In Ward 14:

High Park Library – 228 Roncesvalles Ave – Phone: 416-393-7671

Masaryk-Cowan CRC – 220 Cowan Ave – Phone: 416-392-6928

Parkdale Library – 1303 Queen St W – Phone: 416-393-7686

Cooling Centres Near Ward 14:

Annette Street Library – 145 Annette St – Phone: 416-393-7692
Keele CC – 181 Glenlake Ave – Phone: 416-392-0695
Perth/Dupont Library – 1589 Dupont St – Phone: 416-393-7677
Mary McCormick RC – 66 Sheridan Ave – Phone: 416-392-0742

Toronto’s outdoor pools, splash pads, wading pools and beaches are cool places to be this summer


Currently, 80 splash pads are open across the city until September 23. They operate daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To see an interactive map of Ward 14 Wading Pools and Splash Pads please see: Ward 14 Wading Pools and Splash Pad Map

To learn more about City of Toronto beaches, pools and splash pads please see: https://gordperks.ca/2012/06/12/3335/




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