Garbage bin Roll out

Posted on June 27, 2008

Dear all,

Some of you have had questions about the new garbage bins that are arriving at our homes this fall. At the bottom of this post is a link to the detailed City of Toronto web page. There are a few highlights I wanted to address directly.

Toronto is converting to an entirely new way of collecting garbage and a new way of paying for our waste management system. Today, we collect the garbage bag and cans you put out at the curb and pay for the system from your property taxes. When the new bins arrive you will put them out and pay a separate waste charge the same way your pay current water.

Please note that we will be cutting garbage costs from property taxes. As a result property taxes will be reduced!

The change in collection and billing means that instead of everyone paying in regardless of how much waste they create, each household will pay based on the size of container they choose. In effect you pay for what you use.

Another issue many people have raised is their concern that the bins are too unwieldy. The bins are designed so they can be lifted and dumped by an automatic arm attached to City trucks. This will make collection faster, and will save considerable money and keep the garbage charge low. Also, the automatic arm will greatly reduce the number of injuries suffered by our waste collection workers.

The other determinant is the unfortunate fact that we generate too much waste. Prior to becoming your City Councillor I worked in the environmental movement. One of my main areas of expertise was waste management policy. During two decades of work I fought to get strong packaging laws from the federal and provincial governments. At one point I took Coca Cola all the way to the Supreme Court to attempt to reinstate a refillable bottle system in Ontario. I still feel that we allow too many disposable products and packages in the marketplace. The consequence for Toronto is while we do not have jurisdiction to reduce over-packaging we are required to collect and dispose of that material. This, more than anything, causes us to need large waste bins.

For more information on the new system please contact me either by phone or email, or check the City website at:

Jameson Avenue Reconstruction

Posted on June 27, 2008

Please be advised that starting in early August (exact date to be confirmed), Jameson Avenue will begin being reconstructed. This will include new roads and sidewalks, along with an exciting Jameson community art project which will be incorporated into the reconstruction schedule. City of Toronto construction notices will be sent out approximately one week in advance of the start date.

I wanted to provide you with as much notice as possible to prevent any surprises. The construction will involve complete closures of short segments of roadways during the watermain installation and the road reconstruction. I have been advised by City staff that driveway accesses to the apartment buildings will be maintained.

The watermain and water services reconstruction is scheduled from August to October of 2008, with the road and sidewalk reconstruction from September to November 2008. As with any other projects to be completed in November, there is always a chance that part of the final phase of the construction, depending on the weather condition, may have to be carried over to the next year. I certainly hope that will not be the case.

Should you have any questions, please email or call my office. I will keep you posted as this project moves forward.

Bloor Street Visioning report coming to Toronto and East York Community Council

Posted on June 27, 2008

I would like to thank all of you who attended the Bloor Visioning meetings in January and March of this year. Many of you came out to share your experiences of living and working in the neighbourhood, and your participation made these sessions a great success.

The meetings brought together comments, questions and concerns regarding future developments on Bloor Street West between Dundas Street West and Keele Street. Your insights give the City’s Planning Department an opportunity to apply the sessions’ guiding principles when assessing proposed developments and their respective Avenue Segment studies.

Please be advised that the final report for the Bloor Visioning Sessions will be going to the July 7th, 2008 Toronto and East York Community Council meeting for consideration (please visit link below for full details)

If you would like to speak to this item, in writing or in person, please contact City Clerk Frances Pritchard, Acting Administrator at 416-392-7033 or by email at

1540 Bloor Street West Working Sessions –Meeting #1 minutes

Posted on June 27, 2008

As some of you are aware, the applicant for 1540 Bloor Street West (Tas DesignBuild) agreed to meet with members of the community who have been selected by my office to sit on a “working session” group.

The members of this group represent residents, business owners and stakeholders in the area of the development. This process involves the group of approximately 10 people meeting with the developer, City departments and my office to work towards consensus on key issues, however where this is not possible the issue will be identified as such in meeting notes and in future staff reports to City Council. City Planning chairs these meetings and discussions topics include built form and massing, streetscape improvements, and transportation planning (to name a few).

Our first meeting took place on Thursday June 19th at 6pm. I have attached minutes of the meeting provided by City Planning. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Edwards at 416-392-1306 or feel free to contact my office.



Items of Interest

Posted on June 27, 2008

Give blood on Canada Day at the Palais Royale

1601 Lake Shore Blvd. 416-533-3553

The Parkdale Beauty Pageant Society presents:
10th Annual Parkdale Film and Video Showcase
Two evenings of short films, videos and installations from the friendly streets of Parkdale!

Full program details including lists of participating artists and schedule information:


Friday 27 June 2008
OPENING of REside: installation loops by Chris Curreri in 3 homes on Fuller Avenue north of Queen (DUSK until DAWN all weekend : FREE)

Join us to launch our 10th ANNIVERSARY with an evening of short films and videos at the Revue Cinema!!! Celestial shorts by lovely Parkdalians! Films old and new!!!!
The Revue Cinema, 400 Roncesvalles Avenue (PAY WHAT YOU CAN)

Films and videos by: Mammalian Diving Reflex, Lori Chodos, Cheryl Rondeau, Michelle Irving, Allyson Mitchell, Michael Toke, Greg Majster, Evan Tapper, John Greyson, Trevor Tureski, Matt Wyatt, Jonathan Culp and Jay Davidson

Saturday 28 June 2008

3:00 PM — HOME MADE MOVIES : From Parkdale to Guyana
A screening of home movies by Alison Latchana documenting her life in Toronto’s West Indian community. In the 1980’s Alison recorded her daily life, family and travels among the West Indian community, on the road in Europe and back home in Guyana. Hanging out on Jameson and at Queen and Sorauren. Village life in Guyana. Trucking through Portugal. Good times, hard times, family and friends — Alison shot it all with her Canon Super 8 sound camera. Join us for an hour of her autobiographical films AND meet Alison in person.
Parkdale Public Library, 1303 Queen Street West

9:00 PM — PARKDALE UNDER THE STARS! (family friendly!!!)
Two outdoor screenings of Parkdale shorts under the stars in the Fuller Avenue Parkette
(Just north of Queen, 2 blocks west of Lansdowne)
BYOBLC – that’s blankets and lawn chairs!

For more information please contact us at:

June 2008