Bloor Visioning Session Part 2 a success!

Posted on March 7, 2008

I want to thank everyone for coming out to our meeting on the night of Wednesday March 5th, 630pm at the Lithuanian House. Again, what a great turnout! It was also a night of good news for us, as Council had just approved a 2008 Avenue Study for Bloor Street West the very same day.

This meeting was an opportunity for the City’s Planning and Transportation Planning Department to disseminate their interpretation of the community’s comments, feedback and suggestions as recorded in the first visioning session for Bloor Street. I especially want to that Lynda Macdonald and Kevin Edwards from the City’s Planning department for their excellent work so far. I have attached a couple of items that may be useful as we move forward:

· the Powerpoint presentation shown at the meeting on the 5th (please be advised that this is a large file!)


· A record of the comments and questions that arose at the meeting on the 5th, as well as responses from Planning, Transportation Planning, and myself.


I also want to remind everyone that the final meeting in the Bloor Visioning series will take place on Wednesday March 26th, 630pm, location TBA. This information will also be posted on my blog. Again, thank you to everyone for coming out, and I hope to see you on the 26th.

Lamport Stadium Update

Posted on March 7, 2008

As many of you know, new turf is in the process of being installed at Lamport Stadium. The final stage is to paint on the lines, which will take place as soon as weather permits. The fence that runs along the south and north end of the stadium was also deteriorated and in need of replacement.

I have been working with our Parks Supervisor on this issue and I am proud to announce that the fencing replacement work at Lamport has started. The contractor will be removing the fence on the north and south side and will re-grade the area, install a temporary fence and prepare for the installation of new one. It is anticipated that this work may take as long as one month weather permitting.

The new fence will provide the opportunity for pedestrians to catch a glimpse of what is happening inside the stadium, but is designed in such a way as to not distract drivers on King Street.

I look forward to seeing improvement to Lamport.

Grand Prix Cancellation

Posted on March 7, 2008

As a result of the merger of the Champ Car and the Indy Racing League there will be a scheduling conflict for the Toronto Grand Prix for 2008. While the event has been cancelled for this summer, it will be determined in a few months whether or not it will be held in 2009. This event is one of Toronto’s top ten tourist events and generates over 50 million dollars for the Toronto economy. It also raises between $400,000 and $500,000 in revenue a year for Exhibition Place, according to general manager Dianne Young In addition, the Greater Toronto Hotel Association estimates the weekend event uses about 8,000 room nights. While the cancellation is bad news for the City of Toronto, it may be met with mixed feelings by some residents of Parkdale who may not miss the noise and and air pollution generated by the event.

March 29th join me in celebrating Earth Hour

Posted on March 7, 2008

On March 29th, 2008 the City of Toronto encourages all residents and business owners to TURN OFF THE LIGHTS. On this night, between 8 and 9pm urban centres, including Toronto, Sydney, Ottawa, Copenhagen and Chicago will be turning off lights as a a symbolic statement on taking action against climate change.

About 25% of Toronto’s greenhouse gas emissions come from the residential sector. The energy we use to light, heat and cool our homes generates greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.As a leader in green initiatives Toronto’s goal is to have at least one million people participate by turning off their lights and making the city as dark as possible for one hour.

Everyone is encouraged to participate – residents and businesses alike. Show your commitment to fight climate change, and see the difference we can make when we all work together. More than 2 million people and businesses participated in Earth Hour in Sydney, Australia last year. Electrical demand was reduced by a whopping 10 per cent and 25,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 were released into the atmosphere – in a single hour!

Turn off your lights, spread the word and help make a difference!

The City of Toronto will be turning off all non-essential lights at our civic centres, Metro Hall, City Hall and other City buildings on March 29 at 8:00. We are also working to promote participation by major bank towers, hotels, and other businesses. A countdown event will be held in Nathan Phillips Square on March 29, featuring live music by Nelly Furtado.

To register and for more information and downloadable materials to help you spread the word, please visit

Upcoming Events and Meeting

Posted on March 7, 2008

Western Waterfront Master Plan Community Consultation Meeting

The WWMP team – comprising City Waterfront Secretariat staff and consultants – are working collaboratively with community representatives and other project stakeholders throughout the master planning process, in order to ensure inclusion of their priorities, build consensus around priority actions, and foster community ownership.

Please mark:

When: Wednesday April 3rd, 2008

Where: Swansea Town Hall, 95 Lavina Avenue

Why: 4th public consultation meeting, WWMP

With the involvement of residents and other stakeholders in the planning of their neighbourhoods, guided by the principles of openness, inclusiveness and responsiveness, the Western Waterfront Master Plan will reflect the City of Toronto’s commitment to meaningful and extensive civic engagement. I hope to see you there.

Events at Café Taste

This month:

1) Art Opening w. Micheal Wilson!

2) Karaoke


4) March Tasting is: Whiskey

5) Free Film ListingLook for a 7:00 PM start time. Our line-up this month is: Mar 2nd “Dead Ringers” Mar 9th “Sicko” Mar 16th “Wal-Mart: The high cost of low prices” Mar 23rd “Super-size Me” Mar 30th “Future of Food”

6) Mar 21st CLOSED for Private Event.

7) Live Music in March.

8) Dating group “Meet Market Adventures” does cafe Taste!

For more information visit:

March 2008