Grafton Park – Community Garden

Posted on August 3, 2007

This week I had the pleasure of visiting the Grafton Community Garden, a space that my office has been working to help create for the last 6 months. Although the praise for securing materials for the garden was most appreciated, I think that a more important thing to highlight at this garden is the way in which it has engaged the community. To best capture the community that has grown around this garden I have requested that Carolin Taron, garden coordinator, share a composition. Enjoy!

“Seven months after a Cherry Bomb Coffee meeting with Amy Johnston of Councillor Gord Perks’ office, I am running through the garden sprinkler with a dozen neighbourhood children; playing hide and seek between 5 ft high sunflower stocks, heirloom beans, tomatoes bursting with not quite ripe fruit, while other gardeners are re-staking their eggplants admiring the cabbages, picking zinnias , chomping on basil and arugula. Passersby are joining in. “Wow how did this grow?”– weekly Wednesday gatherings, watering, love and attention and lots of sheep manure.”

The Grafton Community Garden is proud to announce their first Salsa Event, Wednesday August 15th at 6:30 pm (bring and or sample salsa made from the garden)

Grafton gardeners meet every Wednesday at 6pm

Mad Pride – “We are Mad and Proud!”

Posted on August 3, 2007

On July 14th I walked with the community to celebrate Mad Pride; an internationally recognized and locally endorsed event committed to raising awareness about the marginalization of psychiatric survivors and consumers. Together we marched from CAMH to the Parkdale Activity-Recreation Centre pushing a gurney to symbolize the Mad People’s escape from the institution in a safe, celebratory and accepting space.

Newcomer Fair on August 28th

Posted on August 3, 2007

For more information on Parkdale Community Information Centre’s Newcomer Fair, please visit newcomer-flyer2007.pdf

Parkdale Festival

Posted on August 3, 2007

Parkdale Festival – August 25th, 2007 – Noon to 6PM – Mazaryk Cowan Park

To see the flyer follow this link parkdale-festival-nologo.jpg

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