Sorry for the Update Delay

Posted on July 24, 2007

Hello residents of Ward 14!

I apologize for the delay in updating the blog. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties that I hope to fully sort out shortly.

It is good to be back!


City Finances and Ward 14

Posted on July 24, 2007

You have certainly seen or heard media reports about the City’s current financial state. On Monday July 16th, 2007 Toronto City Council narrowly decided to defer consideration of the land transfer tax and the vehicle registration tax until after the provincial election. As a result, Mayor Miller has directed City Staff to launch a cost containment strategy.

To learn more please follow the link : City Finances and Ward 14

1510 King St West Update

Posted on July 24, 2007

On Wednesday July 18th, 2007, City Council approved the application to amend the City of Toronto Zoning By-law for the current owner to maintain 20 dwelling units within this building. As I mentioned in previous postings, some of you may know the long and complicated history of this site, also known as the Pope Squat.

Council’s approval is the result of many years of dedication and tireless effort from the community, stakeholders and city staff to rehabilitate this building that has been derelict for the past several years. I want to personally thank community representatives and city staff who met with my office numerous times to move this project forward. Many of you worked diligently to address the concerns of a wide variety of stakeholders, and I look forward to collaborating with you again to address many of the outstanding housing issues in the community.

For more information on this project, please find the staff report attached.

The Grass is Going to be Greener at Allan A. Lamport Stadium

Posted on July 24, 2007

Lamport Stadium has a long standing history in Parkdale. Among many other events, Lamport Stadium has been host to the Caribana King and Queen Festival and local community sports clubs, such as field hockey and football. However, as many community members know, the stadium has been under utilized over the last several years, as a result of the turf’s poor condition. I am happy to report that a Request for Proposal is being issued and once it is complete new turf will be installed in Fall of 2007. The new turf will accommodate a number of users and bring life back to this historic community facility. Once the turf has been installed I will post an invite on the blog for the grand re-opening. I look forward to celebrating Lamport’s rejuvenation with you in the fall.

Caribana Toronto – The largest Caribbean festival in North America

Posted on July 24, 2007

I am excited to welcome Caribana to Ward 14. Caribana, a festival that highlights Caribbean culture, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and I look forward to joining you all in the 1.5 km parade route on August 4th.

For more information on Caribana please visit:

The King and Queen crowning will take place on Thursday August 2nd, at Lamport Stadium. This is the beginning of what will be an exciting weekend long event.

Noise exemptions have been granted for Lamport Stadium on the following dates:Thursday August 2/07 from 6:00pm to 12am Friday August 3/07 from 6:00pm to 1am Saturday August 4/07 from 6:00pm to 1am Sunday August 5/07 from 6:00pm to 12am If you have any questions regarding this year’s event, do not hesitate to contact my office.

Policy for the Disposal of City Technology Assets

Posted on July 23, 2007

At Council this month I was successful in getting the City to adopt a new policy for the disposal of the city’s technology assets. In short, all RFPs will now required successful bidders for disposing of the waste to track the assets and components of the assets and be able to prove to the city that the assets and components of the assets have been disposed of “in accordance with government environmental regulations and other governing health and safety regulations such as the Basel Convention.” In short, these motions mean the City of Toronto is now a leader in the responsible disposal of its technology assets.

July 2007