1638 Bloor Street West OMB decision

Please find attached the decision document for 1638 Bloor Street West. As many of you are aware, this was a result of countless hours of my office and City Planning negotiating with the developer on how to shape this building in the best way we could. We also had several conversations with members of the community who represent residents, businesses and stakeholder groups in the area.

We accomplished such things as reducing the number of parking spots available to reinforce transit use and proximity to transit, shortening the mechanical penthouse from 4.2m to 3.2m to lessen the visual impact., re-negotiating the stepbacks to allow for appropriate neighbourhood views and much needed streetscape elements, incorporating green development standards, reinforcing a two storey base through materials to allow for viable commercial spaces on Bloor, putting in place a process whereby the community can participate in a design meeting with the developer, and securing funds for capital improvements in the neighbourhood.

I want to say that this was not an easy process, however we did accomplish many of the items that were outlined in the community meeting for this development in July of this year. We have also outlined a number of conditions to ensure that the developer follows through on this revised proposal.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office or Kevin Edwards, City Planning at 416-392-1306 or by email at kedward@toronto.ca