1540 Bloor Street West Working Sessions –Meeting #1 minutes

As some of you are aware, the applicant for 1540 Bloor Street West (Tas DesignBuild) agreed to meet with members of the community who have been selected by my office to sit on a “working session” group.

The members of this group represent residents, business owners and stakeholders in the area of the development. This process involves the group of approximately 10 people meeting with the developer, City departments and my office to work towards consensus on key issues, however where this is not possible the issue will be identified as such in meeting notes and in future staff reports to City Council. City Planning chairs these meetings and discussions topics include built form and massing, streetscape improvements, and transportation planning (to name a few).

Our first meeting took place on Thursday June 19th at 6pm. I have attached minutes of the meeting provided by City Planning. If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Edwards at 416-392-1306 or feel free to contact my office.