1510 King St West

Since the beginning of my term, I have been working diligently with Municipal Licensing and Standards, with the Buildings Department, with the Affordable Housing Office and with the owner of 1510 King Street West to revitalize this vacant property. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation has committed funding under the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program toward this project, and I firmly believe that this is a priority matter that needs prompt attention.

As some of you may be aware, the Parkdale Housing Committee looked at this file in October of 2006, and endorsed a 20 unit building. Since that time, city staff and my office have met with the owner on several occasions to provide clarification on some of the outstanding issues. I also met with the chair of the Parkdale Housing Committee and Municipal Licensing and Standards last week to go over the submitted plans, and to confirm that they show a one bedroom unit per floor, as agreed to by the Committee.

At this point we are continuing to meet with the owner to finalize design considerations relating to landscaping, waste management and parking. Once these plans are finalized appropriately, the proposal will be presented to the community. I will keep you posted on any new developments.