1182 King Street West/ 1221 King Street West

Councillor Perks Office has been advised through City Planning staff that a Re-Zoning application has been filed for 2 sites:


1182 King St W at the NE corner of Dufferin; 21 storeys, and

1221 King St W, near the SW corner of Dufferin, 19 storeys.


At this time, the information filed with the city is available on-line at http://app.toronto.ca/DevelopmentApplications/associatedApplicationsList.do?action=init&folderRsn=3790808&isCofASearch=false  , click on Supporting Documentation.


Councillor Perks has a regular practice of requesting that developers meet with community members to review developers intentions and community comments prior to submitting a development application. The developer can then amend their proposal prior to their formal submission to the city. This practice has been well received and has helped to shape development in Ward 14.


Both of these applications have been filed prior to meeting with or advising the Councillor and/or the community of the proposed developments. City Planning staff are reviewing the application. There will be a statutory community meeting held once the city review takes place which will include an opportunity for community input.


Councillor Perks has reached out to meet with the developers of 1182 and 1221 King Street West. Our office will be in touch when any new information is made available.


Councillor Perks Office