100in1Day | Transforming Toronto on June 7, 2014

On Saturday, June 7th, 2014, 100 in 1 Day is coming to Toronto, and we invite you to participate! Co-presented by Evergreen and United Way Toronto, this free citizen-driven festival invites individuals, communities and/or organizations to create acts of urban change (or interventions).

These interventions have the potential to raise awareness of urban and social issues, inspire ideas, and motivate leaders to consider new approaches to old problems. Examples include:

  • · Painting a mural in a vacant lot
  • · Taking part in a pop-up soccer game
  • · Creating a community garden

To help citizens and organizations bring their intervention to life, we are hosting free workshops every Tuesday evening across the city. When you register your event with Evergreen, we’ll also include it on an interactive map and give you access to many ‘crowd sourcing’ opportunities.

Your next steps:

1. Register for a free workshop

2. Register your intervention

3. Follow on Twitter @100in1DayTO

4. Connect on Facebook facebook.com/100in1DayTO

5. Spread the word with #100in1Day

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask: 100in1dayTO@gmail.com and a member of the 100 in 1 Day team will get back to you as soon as possible.