Toronto Pearson Community Open House

Toronto Pearson is doing a few Community Open Houses this fall, and one of them is planned for Parkdale-High Park.

The Community Open House gives them a chance to show how they work and to chat one-on-one about the airport’s role in the region and its daily operations. They hope that understanding more about the airport’s business can help minimize surprise and potential frustration, as well as create dialogue for new and innovative things we can do together as neighbours.

Date: Thursday, December 8
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Lithuanian House,  1573 Bloor St W.

–        This is open house style event with storyboards and opportunities for conversation with Toronto Pearson staff.       –        For reference, you can see all the storyboards here:
–        They have a regular e-newsletter, as well as social media channels, that can be followed

This Open House is separate from the engagement underway as part of the Toronto Noise Mitigation Initiatives, part of which will be full public consultation in 2017. However, this general open house is a good opportunity to open some communications channels and lay a good foundation for future engagement.