City of Toronto Tenant Rights

In order to ensure that tenants know who they can contact if property standards are not being met, Municipal Licensing and Standards has created a public education campaign which will launch next week. To view this campaign, please go to: .

Other components of the campaign include: advertising in newspapers (English and multilingual), online, TTC interiors, street level posters (convenience stores, etc), elevators in apartment buildings, a Tenant Rights 101 public education piece and more.

Renting in Toronto 101

Hundreds of thousands of people rent their homes in Toronto. Every person living in rental accommodation has the right to expect that property standards are met. Property standards are the minimum standards to which a property is maintained.

The City’s Municipal Licensing and Standards division enforces property standards throughout Toronto.

If you have issues with the physical condition of the property that you are renting (taps that don’t work, heat isn’t working, broken window), talk to your landlord first. If things don’t improve, call 311.

Residents should communicate with their superintendent/landlord first. If the issues are not addressed in a timely manner, you should contact 311.

Landlords and property managers have a responsibility to ensure that they comply with City bylaws.

Renters have a responsibility to pay their rent and maintain their unit.

Renting in Toronto? Know your rights. Know your responsibilities.

You have a right to live:
• In a home that is clean, safe and secure.
• With adequate heat, lighting and plumbing.

You have a responsibility to:
• Take care of your unit and be respectful of shared space.
• Allow your landlord to maintain your unit.

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