3775-3803 Dundas St West Re-Submission

Posted on May 1, 2019

The site at 3775-3803 Dundas St West received approval in 2017 for rezoning application for 12-storey residential building with 293 units. There is now a re-submission for site plan approval of a 13 storey rental building.

The supporting documentation is found on the City’s website at: http://app.toronto.ca/DevelopmentApplications/associatedApplicationsList.do?action=init&folderRsn=3269307&isCofASearch=false&isTlabSearch=false.

Click on “Supporting Information” under “Site Plan Approval” to see re-submission documents dated April 9, 2019.

This re-submission is currently being reviewed by city staff who will determine if it should proceed through Committee of Adjustment or a new rezoning Application, depending on if it is considered a minor or major variance. Our office will share any public information once received.

150 Dunn Ave (UHN Facility) Preliminary Report and Community Meeting

Posted on April 16, 2019

A preliminary report has been released for the planning application at 150 Dunn Ave (the UHN facility). Please see the attached file for the report and more details.

Further, the City will be holding a Community Consultation meeting where you can learn more about this application, ask questions, and share your comments.

Details are as follows:

Date: May 8, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Place: 2nd Floor, PARC, 1499 Queen St W

150 Dunn Ave Zoning By-law Preliminary Report

Public Consultation to review the 41 Wabash Zoning Amendment Application

Posted on February 6, 2019

City Planning is holding a Public Consultation to review the 41 Wabash Zoning Amendment application. You will have an opportunity to learn more about this application, ask questions and share your comments.

Details are as follows:

Date:    February 21, 2019
Time:     6:30 to 8:30 PM
Place:    Gymnasium, St Vincent De Paul School (116 Fermanagh Avenue)

The application proposes to amend the Zoning By-law to a permit a four-storey rear addition to the existing three-storey warehouse building.  The proposal includes a total of 16 residential units.

You can view a copy of the City Planning Preliminary Report providing background information at: https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2019/te/bgrd/backgroundfile-124051.pdf .

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please forward your comments to Kirk Hatcher, City Planner, Kirk.Hatcher@toronto.ca and/or Councillor Gord Perks, councillor_perks@toronto.ca

Please share the notice with your neighbours – 41 wabash-consultation Meeting Notice


41 Wabash Avenue Development Update

Posted on November 20, 2018

Councillor Perks Office has been advised that a Re-Zoning application has been filed for 41 Wabash Avenue.

The information filed with the city will be available on-line at https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/application-information-centre/, input the address and click on Supporting Documentation.

Councillor Perks has a regular practice of requesting that developers meet with community members to review the developer’s intentions and community comments prior to submitting a development application. The developer can then amend their proposal prior to their formal submission to the city. This practice has been well received and has helped to shape development in Ward 14.

This developer met with the community in January 2018. They have now submitted an application that proposes to retain the existing 3-storey building on the subject site and add 4-storey residential townhouses to the rear. The existing building will be converted to residential uses. In total, the proposal includes 16 new residential units.

City Planning staff are reviewing the application.

City Planning will hold a statutory community meeting which will include an opportunity for community input early in the new year. City Planning staff and Councillor Perks Office will provide details on this meeting once information is available.

A preliminary report on the zoning by-law amendment application will be submitted to Community Council in the near future.

Contact our office at councillor_perks@toronto.ca, should you have further questions.

Councillor Gord Perks’ Office

An Update on Development Application | 2706-2730 Dundas St West

Posted on August 9, 2018


The developer of 2706-2730 Dundas St West has submitted a Settlement Offer to the city.

City staff have reviewed the offer and recommended that City Legal and Planning staff attend the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal hearing in support of the settlement offer. City Council, at its meeting on July 23-30, 2018 accepted this direction.

Some details on the Settlement Offer:


  • a total of nine (9) storeys, representing a reduction in the original proposal of 12 storeys
  • a total height of 30.05 metres excluding allowable overruns representing a reduction in the original proposal of 45.03 metres  {the allowable overruns include the cooling tower, the exit stairs, the building elevators {including required elevator overruns), the interior elevator lobby space located directly in front of the elevators, rooftop art installation {subject to City review), and all other structures and equipment reasonably appropriate in the construction and operation of a rooftop outdoor amenity space and green roof;
  • general compliance with the 45 degree “skyview angular plane” taken from the south side of Dundas Street West
  • Dundas Street West elevation to “read” as having a three (3) storey base building, for example by adding an architectural cap on top of the third floor

Three of the Confidential Schedules are now available online for your review at http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2018.CC44.38 .

The Land Planning Appeal Tribunal pre-hearing date is scheduled for October 2, 2018 at 10 AM at Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (Toronto) 16th Floor, 655 Bay Street, 16th Floor Toronto ON M5G 1E5.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any comments or question about this or any City-related matter.

Update on 6 Noble Street

Posted on July 25, 2018

At the July 2018 Toronto City Council approved directing City Staff to settle the 6 Noble OMB appeal and accept the revised 8-storey building containing 101 units, ground floor non-residential space and two levels of below-grade parking on the lands located at 6 Noble Street.

Although I understand the significance of the Pia Bouman Dance Studio and the positive impact that it has on many lives, the 6 Noble Development revised application did not leave room for the dance studio.

I met with the developer and representatives of the dance school many times to encourage a space within this application for the dance school. Unfortunately no agreement was reached.

There are some community wins in this Staff Report. The applicant has decreased the height of the building from 51 m to 32 m by using 24 Noble as a guide. Additionally, there is a $350,000 financial contribution towards affordable housing within Ward 14.

The full report is available on-line at https://bit.ly/2N2nvq7 .



Wabash Community Centre Public Information Meeting : July 10

Posted on June 28, 2018

You are invited to come and learn more about the upcoming plans for the new community centre and to:

 – review the project background and potential programming;

 – review timelines;

 – review next steps


Slides from the 2280 Dundas Street West Pre-Application Meeting

Posted on April 27, 2018

As discussed at the meeting, we have shared the slides from the presentation.

Please see below:

Presentation Slides – Apr 18, 2018

421 Roncesvalles Development Update

Posted on March 19, 2018


 Re: 421 Roncesvalles Avenue:

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Pre-Hearing Update and

Demolition of a Designated Heritage Property- Toronto Preservation Board Notification

I am writing to update you on the 421 Roncesvalles Avenue OMB prehearing conference that took place on Wednesday, March 14th and to provide notification of the Toronto Preservation Board Meeting to review an application to demolish a designated heritage property.

Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Pre-Hearing Update

As the applicant has now submitted an applied to demolish the heritage building at 421 Roncesvalles Avenue, the City has requested a new prehearing date to allow for time to review the request to demolition and provide comment.

The next prehearing is scheduled for October 10th. My office will provide a reminder closer to the date.

If you have questions or concerns about the OMB prehearing, please contact Kimberly Livingstone, OMB Case Coordinator, (416) 326-6773, Kimberly.Livingstone@ontario.ca or Joanna Kimont, City of Toronto Planner, 416-392- 0481, joanna.kimont@toronto.ca.

Demolition of a Designated Heritage Property-Toronto Preservation Board Meeting

The Toronto Preservation Board will consider the request to demolish the heritage property at 421 Roncesvalles Ave at its meeting scheduled for Thursday March 22, 2018 at Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Committee Room #3, 2nd Floor at 9:30 AM.

The City Planning Staff Report recommends refusal of the application to demolish the heritage structure on the property at 421 Roncesvalles Avenue.

Link to Agenda: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/decisionBodyProfile.do?function=doPrepare&decisionBodyId=1029#Meeting-2017.PB32

You may recall that the Toronto Heritage Preservation Board have previously approved City Planning’s Staff Report to refuse the request to alter the heritage property at 421 Roncesvalles Avenue.

Toronto Preservation Board meetings are open to the public, and you or your representatives are welcome to speak or write in to this body.

Comments can be submitted on-line through the “Submit Comments” button at the top of the page of the Agenda Item.

You can also appear before the Toronto Preservation Board and share your comments with board members directly, register through the “Request to Speak” button at the top of the page of the Agenda Item. This online button will be removed by 4:30 p.m. the day before the meeting.

Alternatively, you can register to speak by contacting the City Clerk’s staff with your name, address, phone number and the item on which you would like to depute or make a presentation. Contact City Clerks at: 416-392-7033, 416-397-0111 (fax), teycc@toronto.ca

You must register by 12:00 noon on the day before the meeting; however you can also register in the meeting room before the meeting starts.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any questions or to provide comment.

Councillor Gord Perks

Parkdale/High Park- Ward 14


2639 Dundas Street West Developer Presentation

Posted on March 15, 2018

Presentation shared by the developer at the March 7th, 2018 Community Meeting:

2639 Dundas Pres copy


A copy of the Preliminary Report providing background information can be viewed at https://www.toronto.ca/legdocs/mmis/2018/te/bgrd/backgroundfile-112504.pdf



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