Bonnie Briggs Condolences


I’d like to pass along the message contained within today’s City Council condolences for the passing of Bonnie Briggs,

The Mayor and Members of Toronto City Council are saddened by the recent passing of Bonnie Briggs, a Parkdale resident who fought tirelessly to improve housing in our City.

Having experienced homelessness herself, Bonnie knew first-hand the many challenges that homeless people face in Toronto and actively worked to advocate for increased resources and supports for homeless residents of Toronto.

Bonnie was a strong advocate for affordable housing, attending various rallies, meetings, memorials, and marches with her husband Kerre Briggs. Bonnie was also a member of the Parkdale Residents Association, chaired the Tiny Houses Project, and was a board member of the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust. Through these roles and her work in the community, Bonnie became an important community leader, benefiting the advocacy of both Toronto’s housing and homeless communities.

However, Bonnie did more than just advance housing advocacy. Her most cherished accomplishment was the establishment of the Toronto Homeless Memorial at the Church of the Holy Trinity. This memorial remembers and celebrates the lives of the many homeless people we have lost here in Toronto. Thanks to her efforts more than 800 names lay to rest here and are remembered by many.

The City Clerk is requested to convey, on behalf of Members of Toronto City Council, our sincere sympathy to Bonnie Briggs’ family, friends and loved ones.