Act now: Tell Mayor Tory to stand up for our subway!

Doug Ford’s subway takeover plan is the biggest threat to affordable, quality public transit that we’ve ever seen. His plan opens the TTC up to privatization, higher fares, and a loss of democratic control. So why have negotiations over our transit system been happening behind closed doors?

This week, Mayor John Tory has the chance to stand up for residents and riders. He can either leave decisions over the future of our subway behind closed doors, or open up the process by holding public consultations and launching a needed information campaign to tell the public about the risks.

Call Tory now!

On Thursday morning, Tory’s Executive Committee will vote on whether to launch announcements in subway stations, ads on buses, streetcars, and subways, and public consultations across the city. It is urgent that they inform us about the risks and take the conversations about the future of our subway system out of the backrooms.

There is no time to lose. Act now to demand that Mayor Tory stand up for our public transit system:

Call Tory now!

We’ll be at the Thursday morning meeting to show the Executive Committee that we demand transparency and a strong stance against Ford’s subway takeover. Before the meeting, we plan to spell out a giant “S-O-S” (for “Save Our Subway”) in Nathan Philips Square at 9am. Will you join us?

RSVP to join us this Thursday March 21:

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Thank you for taking action with us to keep transit public and affordable.

Shelagh Pizey-Allen, TTCriders

P.S. Please sign this important petition from our friends at Progress Toronto, which gets sent to the Executive Committee, Mayor, and your Councillor. Progress Toronto is also holding phone banks tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday to call Councillors and make sure they stand strong against Ford.

P.P.S. Another city-wide Day of Action is around the corner! Sign up here to adopt a station near you on the morning of March 27th.