2015 FOYT Student Employment

The TDSB will hire approximately 500 students for Focus on Youth Toronto (FOYT) 2015. These students will be employed as summer day camp counsellors in support of community summer programs. The FOYT summer employment program runs from July 6 to August 21, 2015, with three dates of training in June.

Students hired for FOYT will be subject to the documentation process expected of temporary employees of the TDSB: presentation of ID information and confirmation of a bank account for purposes of direct payroll deposit. A police reference check clearance is also required for students 18 years of age and older.


Must be 16 years old or older by July 1, 2015
Must be currently registered in a TDSB school or program
Must enjoy working with children and have interests/talents in one of the following areas:

Leadership Development
Literacy and Numeracy
Sports and Recreation
A reference letter is required
Rate of Pay for FOYT Student Counsellors

Students hired for the FOYT program will be paid $11 per hour plus statutory and vacation pay, subject to applicable deductions.

Application Process

Candidates selected for an interview will receive an email in early April stating the date, location and time for their interview. Candidates will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to their scheduled interview and bring with them an updated resume and one recent reference letter.

Reference Letter

This letter could come from one of the following examples:

A TDSB Staff – (teacher, guidance, principal)
A Supervisor / Mentor
A Religious/Community leader in the community
Pre-employment Training

For all students, the FOYT program will begin with pre-employment orientation on topics such as workplace health and safety, emergency first aid, recognizing and reporting child abuse, healthy child development and customer service.

Applications close for FOYT employment on March 22, 2015.